Topic: TATAMI The Japanese Relaxation Flooring

I introduce Japanese traditional flooring "TATAMI". Recently, almost Japanese don't use it for new house. We don't like this tradition style. Because it have many demerit. The mites living inside the new TATAMI. Japan have many rain become high humidity. That's why mites and termites born prenty. And TATAMI needs change sometimes because it's became damage. It's made by 100% natural rice strow and rush. But we don't change it because high costly for normal society. I recommend TATAMI If you living dry area. The TATAMI merit is just better soft-cushion. You can sleep well thin mattress. Recently almost Japanese using bed but we also slept on the TATAMI floor. It have very nice scent. 


Travel Tech: Method of Low Cost Travel in Japan

I introduce travel method for the most cheap cost in Japan around if you like slow cheap trip.

Over the sea
First you have to over the sea by ship or airplane.  Because Japan is island.
I have two plan of reach to Japan.

1. Use MU(China Eastern Airline)
China eastern airline have most reasonable price from around Shanghai to Japan now. You can check the price and info at direct MU website. 
For example, Delhi, India to Fukuoka, Japan aprox. USD 550 round trip including any charge. But fix only. You can not change arrival and departure date. 
! This information recent (17.OCT.2013) only. 

2. Use ferry from China to Japan
 If you can come to Shanghai or Qingdao by hitchhike or bicycle, better to use China to Japan ferry. From Shanghai to Osaka (Su Zhou Hao) and from Qingdao to Shimonoseki (Orient Ferry) is better. 

Orient ferry needs one way aprox USD 176 cheaper class recently. 

Su Zhou Hao needs aprox USD 220 one way cheaper class. 

Japan has turned to the bicycle trip very much. All roads are paved smoothly. The large sidewalk is improved in the trunk road. The bikeway is made by the bicycle boom these days. Since Japan is large, the ups and downs of inland are intense. However, a great thing does not have the highest altitude at 3700 meters. I want you to enjoy the beautiful Japanese mountains who got wet. A local side of Japan is dotted with many campsites. It is better to bring a lightweight tent by all means, if you do a cheaper trip in Japan. If you do not have a bicycle, I will recommend hitchhike. Japan is easiest country for hitchhike. I was always doing hitchhike in the service area(parking area) of the highway. The hitchhike in a local road will get used on good terms with Japanese people. The hitchhike in Japan is lawful.


Flyer Design: "RIKI Live in Bar Cotton Dancer" by Fluorescent Color on Natural Paper

I draw acoustic live flyer for my friend's bar. This flyer is A6 size, fluorescence orange and blue printed to the natural paper. Fluorescence color will glow under the UV light, and get big impact to the people. It's like a silk screen printing. I think this print method by risograph. It's very reasonable price of print charge. And print to like a recycle paper. This flyer
needs only USD 35 printed 2c/1c A6 500pcs including shipping cost. 

RIKI sing folk music with he performance by the acoustic guitar. He organized big rock festival at Kumamoto. I choose sunshine orange and sky blue at the sunset image. The circles by my freehand.