Flyer Design: Minami Masato Live at Cotton Dancer

This is my latest flyer design work for the Bar Cotton Dancer. I love the silk screen poster of a psychedelic movement which was in fashion late in the 60s. And I also like the propaganda poster of a communist country. By using the ink of the fluorescent color which employed the characteristic of the silk screen print efficiently, the psychedelic poster has heightened the eye catch effect. A psychedelic poster carries out the visualization of the hallucination by LSD, takes LSD, and can appreciate an art like a kaleidoscope like the mandala. The vision effect by LSD will not be acquired so much, since I created this flyer without taking LSD. Since I did not have the cost which makes a silk screen, I decided to utilize Risograph. Risograph is the printing machine which a Riso company made in Japan. It can print in a high speed, budget prices, and the special color like a laser beam printer. Risograph can use fluorescence pink and a fluorescence orange. Riding of ink is bad like Toppan Printing, and a photograph has the noise blurred like a newspaper. Since I had arranged the photograph of a deep color at the back, the color on the back was transparent and the surface logo portion failed in me. Paper is using the bad thin paper of quality like recycled paper, and became the result which has the flavor of tactile feeling coarsely in the bottom. Since it brews the feeling which is completely different from the printed matter of offset printing in a general coated paper in the present age, it becomes a good eye catch.

About Minami Masato
Masato Minami is an artist representing Japan of Folk-Rock. He reached 70 years old in born one in 1944. He is the keyman who visited America before the psychedelic movement and inherited the hippie culture to Japan. He is a singer whom the scenery that perform many live in Japan or Thailand and children are playing out in the fields under the tree suits very well. I am looking at his live from ten years or more before. "Niji no Misaki Matsuri" performed in Aso looked at his live first. I have appreciated his live at the festival since then every year, and was allowed to soften a feeling very much.