Bridgestone Eurasia Touring Restoration

Japanese company "Bridgestonen" famous for tire manufacture released "Eurasia" is a sport bicycle representing Japan. Eurasia was manufactured for about ten years after 1976. A frame is iron (although the quality of the material is stated as chromium molybdenum steel, it is not certain). I got the "Eurasia" touring frame made from 1981 or 1982 this time. It was status that we who were schoolchildren ride on the road bike of a drop handle those days. It began to be in fashion from the 19870s, and probably, the sport bicycle boom which reached the peak in the 1980s had profits, so that the tire company produced the bicycle. A sport bicycle called Bridgestonen "ROADMAN" in us the schoolchildren was yearning. For adults, the touring bicycle of this "Eurasia", Maruishi "Emperor" and Araya, or Miyata was famous at that time. I was charmed by the touring bicycle in an instant. Recently, I consider only the bicycle. The heart was taken from the masculinity in me by a motion and brightness of the machine parts.


Trees Hanging Rocks!! Amazing Mt.Hiko

We went to Mount Hiko located in the border between prefectures in Oita Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture.

"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 1

I am planning the bicycle trip with my wife. I purchased the road bike frame cheap for myself at Yahoo! Auctions. A wife is short. Therefore, I looked for the road bike for children whose tire size is 24 inches for my wife. I was able to find the good grade road bike by Yahoo! Auctions. It is a Japanese-made bicycle called National Randione. Japanese people's leg is short. Therefore, a sheet tube is short and there are many frames with a long top tube. This National Randione was knocked down to me for 5,250 yen. The shipping cost was about 5,000 yen.


Home Made The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I began to manufacture homemade extra virgin olive oil.
I put the olive fruit crushed last time into the net.
And the PET bottle cut in the half was made reverse like a photograph, and the crash olive was put in it.


Harvest: A Lots OLIVE from Our Garden

The olive tree is growing in our yard. But it did not fruit all the time. Last year, I cut the olive branch because jumped out on the road. And an olive began to attach many fruits after that. Is that because I cut the branch? Or it is not understood whether it is because it ripened. The olive tree attached many fruits this year also. We pruned the branch which attached the fruit. Then, the olive fruit quantity filled by the bucket has been harvested. It is very rare that an olive tree bears a fruit.
Our olive tree is no agrochemicals and organic agriculture.