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Flyer Design: ROKURO Acoustic LIve at Cotton Dancer

This illustrated bear hanging the flag idea inspired from the Quick Silver, Ace of Cups, and Flamin Groovies LIve Poster by Family Dog in May 10-12 1968 at Avalon Ball Room. This is my respect poster for artist Bob Schnepf. And best regards to my precious client Cotton Dancer. Also dedicates to ROKURO from the DaDa Child. He is represent Rock'n'Roll artist of our south Japan. I enjoyed his live performance since 14 years. ROKURO organized big open air gathering for long time with last flyer's artist FUTARO. The gathering name was NIJI no MISAKI MATSURI (Rainbow Cape Festival). I loved and so enjoyed his peaceful, psychedelic, rastafarism, camping, natural, organic, and freedom festival.


T-Shirts Design: The Dark Side Triangle Inspired from Pink Floyd Release by DOPE EYE

Brand New T-Shirts from DOPE EYE Out Now at T-Shirts Trinity!!

I designed latest simply graphic T-shirts out from "DOPE EYE". It's my one of fashion brand. The most simply triangle trademark were inspired from album cover art of "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. It's my best album of the Pink Floyd Discography. Pink Floyd is genius psychedelic artists. Because their music was the highest from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Even if it listens to the music at the present 2000s, it is very fresh, also it is progressive. It was decent, and was refined and a transcended genre of the ROCK.


Color: Charcoal, Dark Brown, Ash, Cement.
Size: Youth 100-160, Girls S-L, Men's S-XXXL.
Size Spec: http://www.ttrinity.jp/spec/5401.html (Size are Centimetre. SIZE-CODE-BODY HEIGHT-BODY WIDTH-SLEEVE LENGTH-***)
T-shirts: United Athle 5.0 oz
Price: 3,132 JPY.


Color: Melange Black.
Size: S-L.
Size Spec: http://www.ttrinity.jp/spec/dl023.html
T-shirts: DALUC 4.3oz Basic Oval T-shirts
Price: 3,538JPY.

It is simple, and it could correspond to any fashions, since it is a design which does not get tired.
You can purchase at T-SHIRTS TRINITY or please message or comment for me if you live in outside of Japan. I can ship any method for your choice!


Photo: Hanoi Street Walker's Experience

These photo taken on November 2013 at old town of center Hanoi, Vietnam. The upper photo taken at Cong Caphe. Cong Caphe is very cool interior unified army olive color and kitsch cushion cover was so match. There have some vintage wares with the aging shabby painting were became Hanoi Chic! The Vietnam coffee is sweet and bitter into the old vintage style enamel ware cup like a French wares. This enamel cup still making in Hanoi. We bought many enamel wares for our collects.

Lower photo is Hanoi street fashionable states. Hanoi have a lot of like this cool and cute view by the natural.


Flyer and Poster Design: FUTARO Acoustic Live at Cotton Dancer

This is my latest Flyer and Poster design works. Size is A3 and A6, printed to the natural paper and cardboard paper printed by RISOGRAPH. The coloring is the fluorescence orange and the navy to the A3 poster, and the vermilion and navy to the A6 flyer. Imaged from the late 1960's Psychedelic posters and the modern old school Reggae and Dub posters, the album cover artworks and the flyers. The top's logo is the original style of handwriting which I processed and was designed. It is written as the FUTARO with the Japanese Chinese character. This Chinese character was simplified from the formal style of handwriting. And I am future-like a figure and gave the worn-out feeling by aging to this character. Since it is printed by RISOGRAPH, printing is reproduced by multiplication with glassiness. Therefore, the portion with which the color has overlapped was transparent and the back color has overlapped. I traced and drew his photograph whose illustration of an artist is a performer by the AI. FUTARO which is a performer is the Folk-Rock musician. I drew the fender tele caster's neck which he has always used regularly. The following is his profile.

 Futaro’s messages in his lyrics permeates in to changing the clock hand into slow flow with the beat over the music divide with warm ambient. He encourages gently people who live the time made closely packed. And the heart of the rich susceptibility sometimes throws social various inconsistencies and questions into relief, and tells the tragedy which man's ego produced. Just like a Bob Marley...

Live on 2014 Sunday 22nd June. Floor open at 8pm - Performance start at 9pm. Entrance fee is 1,500 JPY with needs 1 drink order. Live at Bar Cotton Dancer. 11 min. walk from Kokura Station, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, Japan.


Music Review: "Jimmy James" by Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys is my one of the most favorite old school New York Hip Hop artists. I saw their performance at Fukuoka in around 1990's they came to Japan. But we can not see Beastie Boys again... Because MCA is already gone... I was experience to the Beastie Boys music told me from my skater friends. I met their sounds from album Check Your Head. I started purchased their vinyl 12 inches from that encounter.


Flyer Design: RIKI with Mutsumi Nishii Live at Cotton Dancer

A happy 420 for every world higher, stoner and the freaks!
This is my latest flyer design work for the Acoustic Live at my friend's bar Cotton Dancer also organize. It's all artworks written by freehand using Illustrator's pen. Therefore, this artwork became the result having the feature of a vector, and the feature of a free hand. I am pleased with it and am often using this technique that the analog united with digital one of this. The designer with this professional design of me whom the amateur made may be the work of a new category called "poor superior one". I printed again using RISOGRAPH. White ink was used for kraft for the first time this time. In the last Flyer, the photograph with the deep back has been transparent on the surface. It is because paper was thin. Since this kraft is somewhat thick, printing on the back is not transparent. RIKI is a Folk musician representing Fukuoka Prefecture in which we live, and he organized big Openair Festival "Rainbow2000 Aso". I have continued looking at his performance from ten years or more before. the hippies of Kyushu gather -- it is ecological and a natural-oriented event is their style. Music is a folk song, a lock, Roots Raggae, Dub Step, Ambient, etc.


Flyer Design: Minami Masato Live at Cotton Dancer

This is my latest flyer design work for the Bar Cotton Dancer. I love the silk screen poster of a psychedelic movement which was in fashion late in the 60s. And I also like the propaganda poster of a communist country. By using the ink of the fluorescent color which employed the characteristic of the silk screen print efficiently, the psychedelic poster has heightened the eye catch effect. A psychedelic poster carries out the visualization of the hallucination by LSD, takes LSD, and can appreciate an art like a kaleidoscope like the mandala. The vision effect by LSD will not be acquired so much, since I created this flyer without taking LSD. Since I did not have the cost which makes a silk screen, I decided to utilize Risograph. Risograph is the printing machine which a Riso company made in Japan. It can print in a high speed, budget prices, and the special color like a laser beam printer. Risograph can use fluorescence pink and a fluorescence orange. Riding of ink is bad like Toppan Printing, and a photograph has the noise blurred like a newspaper. Since I had arranged the photograph of a deep color at the back, the color on the back was transparent and the surface logo portion failed in me. Paper is using the bad thin paper of quality like recycled paper, and became the result which has the flavor of tactile feeling coarsely in the bottom. Since it brews the feeling which is completely different from the printed matter of offset printing in a general coated paper in the present age, it becomes a good eye catch.

About Minami Masato
Masato Minami is an artist representing Japan of Folk-Rock. He reached 70 years old in born one in 1944. He is the keyman who visited America before the psychedelic movement and inherited the hippie culture to Japan. He is a singer whom the scenery that perform many live in Japan or Thailand and children are playing out in the fields under the tree suits very well. I am looking at his live from ten years or more before. "Niji no Misaki Matsuri" performed in Aso looked at his live first. I have appreciated his live at the festival since then every year, and was allowed to soften a feeling very much.


Experrience the Ultimate Hot Rod Car KUBOTA L1802DT

It was astonished and amazed by me! It is that the car of such ideal HOT ROD and RAT ROD existed!
The strike of this form and style, and the brilliant aging was carried out to my heart. Probably this all-terrain vehicle will be a Japanese-made engine, body, and design. A finely rusty exhaust muffler like the convoy straight extended toward empty has a charming feature like a chimney. I was driven by the impulse which wants to travel in the country road in Laos which is not paved slowly ranging over this farm tractor. Are wearing the straw hat torn in drops, and the beard extended for a long time becomes pure white, and uses the long sleeve of the hemp cloth of a Henley neck as an underwear, Wearing the light-blue overalls of Karheart to which the paint adhered, of course, or the hickory overalls of Lee, probably, the rain boots of favorite Columbia are dirty with mud. A tent and an antique kitchen utensil are put on a trailer, and it travels in the ground of a frontier district in search of a place at death. I visualized such a figure and was able to be immersed in a fortunate feeling.
If it is a tread of this tire, what kind of rain falls and it will be able to run also on the bad unpaved way of a state. I have experience it became impossible to escape from the parking lot of an outdoor festival by a small car repeatedly. Truly, since it is troublesome, it cannot go all over a town, but it is an automobile very attractive to the middle age which piled up age.



I introduce most pleased house DJ. His real name is Eiji Sugiura. DJ name is SUGIURUMN. He is HOUSE DJ and electromusic creator representing Japan of HOUSE.His own musical piece which he produced maintains balance very much. If it is called house music, in Japan, the vocal of a love song is put on a track and there is much music of the beautiful melody by a synthesizer. Many such light tracks are also seen in the remix of the famous artist by SUGIURUMN. his own track is however, like this DJMIX -- there is much music which is not heavy lightly. It is not so hard, not so soft. It is not so smooth, not so quick. Not so lover, not so dark. Please fill his mix to your environment and space, and hear it for your concentration. Probably, this mix so mutch pupil open tablet pill and Spliff.

SUGIURUMN Profile from Sound Cloud
Japanese DJ / producer who always links to the latest House music scene in the world. He went to Ibiza for the first time in 2000 and came back to Japan inspired. His album "Our History is made in the night(2004)" received fairly-broad attention in the Japanese Dance Music scene, and the song "Star Baby" from the album was a big hit. The remix version from Axwell was widely played among the top DJs in the world. This song was licensed by Ministry Of Sound, which built a great reputation not only in Tokyo but also around the globe.His powerful and passionate DJ style rocked the weekends of Japan, being always connected to the latest movement. It didn't take much time for his name to become world recognized. In 2006 he was chosen to make a Mix CD for Pacha Ibiza known as one of the best Night clubs in the world, and then he rocked 4000 enthusiastic music fans at the actual venue, which gave him high esteem in Pacha; He made Mix CDs for 3 years in a row. He changed his agency to AVEX Japan in 2007 and released an original album "What time is summer of love?". The song "Traveling" from the album had a number of requests for licensing all over the world; It ended up to be released from Pacha Recording in 2008. Also a title track from the album "What Time Is Summer Of Love?" had a chance to be remixed by Richard Gray and was chosen as the first track for a "Pacha compilation". The song became major hit for Pacha Ibiza. In July 2008, he tried a 24 hours set without resting and succeeded with great applause. In 2009, the 10th anniversary year, he released a remake-album "Midi In Midi Out" and a best of album "Do You Remember That Night?" as a culmination of his work. In 2011 He became a Japanese resident DJ for Haçienda, a traditional night club in Manchester, and the next year he was chosen as a resident DJ for a collaboration party organized by "PRIIVILEGE", one of the biggest night club in Ibiza, and "ageHa", the largest night club in Japan, which shows he plays the role as a strong bridge between Japan and the world. In April 2013 he founded BASS WORKS RECORDINGS where he could develop new and serious dance music for the world. And He will be releasing the original album "May The House Be With You" from Warner Music Japan on July 24th 2013 as his newest release in 6 years. He is an innovator of modern dance music.


Flyer Design: Rock'n'Roll and Jump Blues Record Hop with Live Show!!

I designed this flier 14 years ago. It was the 6th anniversary party held with the restaurant & bar "King Kong" located in the shopping center in Kurosaki, Yahata-nishi-ku, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka. My friend was managing the restaurant & bar. I was taking charge of the advertising matter as a designer of his store under exclusive contract. I made many parties and calendars which he sponsors. My friend also owner of "King Kong" loves Rock'n'Roll and Jump Blues. I came out and came back to the trip where it wanders about Asia, 14 years ago. Calcutta in India bore a close resemblance to Britain of the 1950s. People's life, an attitude, and the vigor have just experienced the United States of the 1950s. It seemed that time travel was carried out just like a movie "Back to the future." And I imagined "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" of the movie "Back to the Future", and this flyer designed it. Record hop and a live show are roaring business, and business had not declined yet in the local side after the collapse of the 'bubble' economy. In the floor, the young man danced Strohl (revue dance performed in a line of a female subject), Bop, Twist, and the jive which symbolize the 1950s, and got drunk wholly with the free drink.


Topic: The Japanese Traditional Matchbox "White Peach" is Nostalgic!

This is not my design work but I introduce this "White Peach" matchbox of Japanese traditional graphic design. Because I like this old school make fire and nostalgic, typical and traditional Japanese graphic design since about 100 years ago. It was before first world war, changed MEIJI period from EDO pireod in Japan. Meiji Era is a time of the Industrial Revolution of Japan. Till then, the feudal rule system of the Edo period collapsed by resistance. Then place name Tokyo changed from Edo. The Edo Shogunate was not able to oppose the influence from a foreign country because of the national isolation consciousness. The old persons of the old idea who tied the topknot underwent changed of power to the young man, they got to know the foreign country.

This white peach trade mark design are most popular in Japanese matchbox fan club. It looks like a Allman Brothers Band graphics. I remember images the southern rock music and American country blues music. The matchbox was good foreign country export work for Japanese before 100 years ago. This white peach designed and produced by Benzo "King of Japanese Matches" Takigawa on his company Daido Matches. Many patterns of a peach are designed by Japan of 100 years ago, have a tradition of southern barbarian presentation in China, and were briskly exported to China from Japan.


Illustration: "Boom Shankar" Respect The Shiva

This illustration draw by iPhone app Art Studio Lite. I remade the religious painting of the Hindu by whom beautiful Shiva was drawn. Shiva is the most popular in Hindu God of India. Dreadlocks long to a blue skin and a palm are beige, and OM is written. If Shiva gets angry, a town will be devastated, and it is popular as a cool hero as a symbol of male strength. Shiva wound the cobra around his neck. And closes leopard fur. Shiva having destroy and transform. Shiva have not mercy and affection known by out of Hindu because Shiva is destroy god. But they misconception to it. Siva brings about various destructive natural disasters. However, a destructive natural disaster also has a field good for people. A storm floods a river and pours people's house. However, rain gives grace to crops and an animal.


Topic: ZABUTON the Japanese Floor Cushion

This is a Japanese cushion for sitting on the floor called ZABUTON. Japanese people sit down on a tatami traditionally, putting down this ZABUTON. It is indispensable to the tearoom in Japan which you also know. We chose this ZABUTON for the relaxation of a bedroom. A pattern like the quartz often looked at in the time of a mid-century by beautiful Burgundy like the wine of a deep taste. And this rope pattern mostly seen to the Edo period. The motif of the rope used for a fabric of Japan has a meaning. A rope is used, when connecting something or drawing something near. In a pattern, it is meaningful in "Drawing happiness near at hand." So, in Japan, a rope is an auspicious pattern. The history of the rope in Japan is old and goes back 16500 years before the present age. The Japanese who was living a primitive life had given the rope pattern to earthenware. The rope was used also for a ninja's communication of information.


Topic: Hot Spring in Japanese Winter

We went our favor Onsen(Hot Spring) in yesterday. It was about 2 years blank. Last year, we could not to go this hot spring because there had many snow. She likes this Clearwater hot water. You can get 50 minutes private room with clean hot spring water minimum fee 800yen in 24 hours. Why clean water because one time throwing away the water each using. We don't like somebody's skin dirt floating the water if don't change bath water. It's very dangerous for health too. But this public bathroom change water each use. And you will get privacy and private space. Because this small cottage have inside key. The lots new hot water coming automatically if you insert coin to the fee box. About 45 degrees hot water fill your bath among 30minutes. You can use this free steamer if you use this hot spring. It's better to steam the egg or potato or chicken or Chinese Momo. But there don't have any cooking spices and foods. You have to bring meals and spices if you use.


Photo: Wonderful Animals in Varanasi Street

Varanasi is a holy place of the Hindu representing India. Dying in Varanasi is an ideal most for a Hindu believer. There is the truth of Samsara(Reincarnation) in Hinduism and Buddhism. With Samsara, the suffering to the world is carried over at a next world. However, if it dies in Varanasi, it can be delivered from the Samsara. Various spectacles which we cannot see daily in this Varanasi can be seen. The passage of the narrow stone pavement of the road width complicated like a maze. There is only a monkey with a cow, a dog, a goat, and a human being. It is not so stinking although the droppings of the cow have fallen everywhere. The rows of houses which were old and decayed are powerful just like the movie studio. 

Photo: Back to 1958 an Amazing Calcutta Street

Calcutta(Kolkata) is oldest city of India. 5 million people living this cool, amazing, dramatic city placed on West Bengal. This photo from rooftop of the Maria Guest House Sudder Street. 


Photo: Remember The Vietnam War from Museum

The Vietnam Military History museum in Hanoi is on foot from the center in Hanoi to go away for 30 minutes and depend. Entrance fee is 20,000VND additional 20,000VND you can take photo. 


Photo Edit: YuYuan Backside Down Town Shanghai

Amazing photo from backside downtown of the YuYuan Garden in Shanghai, China. Recently, make rapid progressing in China city side. It was obliged to build a cluster of high-rise buildings, and for the people to escape from socialism, and to get off to a consumer society in urban areas. In order to reduce the people increased too much, the policy which restricted childbirth will reduce a military man. It is because the parents who see out an important only son to war are not. China which continues economic growth as a factory in the world pollutes the atmosphere of its ground, and is soiling the road with people's phlegm. However, many people are very kind and have the soul which helps those who are in trouble. It is reported by media of Japan that an antipathy to Japan, Chinese people, is increasing. By Chinese media, an antipathy to further many Japan is reported, people are operated, and war is fueled. It seems that however, they noticed the government operation.