We opened a shop to the festival "OSHINO DEAD" of DEAD HEADS in Japan. OSHINO DEAD is a festival which deifies GRATEFUL DEAD and Jerry Garcia. A location is the foot in Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. We passed through a long, long trip like a road movie. The band performance cover of Grateful Dead. It is a small live event of few Dead Heads in Japan unfolded over three days. We attached handmade careers to the small car, carried camp goods, stacked two bicycles, and came here. I put the T-shirt of DOPE EYE on the market. The wife put the accessories of handmade crochet on the market. It became study although the result was not so good. It is better to have become cloudy since sunlight is strong although it was seldom fine. A vast forest and rich nature have spread in Asagiri Highland of the foot in here Mt. Fuji. There were few insects compared with Kyushu. There is no mosquito. It was raining and raining. Since the ground was muddy soon. I thought that I would like to see a band called MajesticCircus in which the member of Jamband called BIG FROG has participated. As for BIGFROG, I drew the poster of tour in the past. Majestic Circus performed my favorite song "Dancin' in the Streets" in the Grateful Dead; As long as I remembered, the band was not performs our favorite song "Ripple". However, since "Rippl" was sung by the nightly acoustic live by Old Dead Heads which lived in the next tent, we were glad. Oshino Dead have some restaurant and some miscellaneous goods store.