The Mt. Nuki Trek with The Bike

We live in the foot in Mt. Nuki. Mt. Nuki is a high mountain representing Kokura-minami-ku. It is 712 m in altitude. The form of Mt. Nuki has the shape of a beautiful cone like Mt. Fuji. Mt. Nuki is connected with Hiraodai. Hiraodai is a karst plateau famous for Kitakyushu written by front post of this blog. To Hiraodai of the quality of a limestone, Mt. Nuki is quality of a granite and the origins completely differ. It is said that Mt. Nuki carried out sedimentary intrusion by volcanic activity, and the fossil of the sea medium maturing thing in the limestone of Hiraodai has dissolved by the heat conversion after the Hirao stand is generated. It is contrastive with Akiyoshidai of the Yamaguchi prefecture producing many fossils. The Edo period and this area were called Kiku. Since Japanese people liked Mt. Fuji, they called it Kiku Fuji. It was a big mistake. My leg cannot yet be moved by muscular pain.

There are two mountain-climbing courses. It is a course reached from Hiraodai, and a course reached from Nuki area. Before, I have reached from Hiraodai, in order to see sunrise on New Year's Day. Every day, Mt. Nuki can be seen from the window of our house. I regarded 712 m as low. I said to the wife, "A bicycle is shouldered and I reach it."

I filled the spare T-shirt, Fleece jacket, a legless chair, rainproof jacket, and a snack in the rucksack. My equipment is cotton mountain hat, cotton T-shirt, stretch pants of corduroy, cotton socks, polarized sunglass with a lens, and crocs sandals.