Photo: Hida mountains aka Northern Alps in Japan

This is an Abou peak which is a border between prefectures in Gifu Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. Altitude is 1790 m. The No. 158 line which escapes from between an Akandana mountain and Abou mountains. I wanted to see the Alps, Japan, after which it was yearning from already. Since I was poor at mountain climbing, I reached to the place which can go by car. The road in Nagano had poor pavement and its run was severe. I expected the beauty of the Alps. But, the Akandana mountain was a very big active volcano. It was the far devastated mountain that it is beautiful. The rock had exposed the surface of a mountain. Trees were felled by the landslide. Steam had blown and come out from the everywhere of a mountain. It seemed to be hell. We were surprised at the signboard written to be explosion cautions. Soon, it came to the Abou road of the charged tunnel. But, we climbed the Abou peak which is an old road. That is because I wanted to enjoy a mountain fully. The Abou peak had steep slope uphill and hairpin curve. The infernal scene disappeared gradually. The mountain range on which the snow which does not disappear in the distance was put could be seen. When the summit of the mountain of the peak was crossed and it went into Gifu Prefecture, scenes completely differed. It is this photograph. The scene of the Japan Alps which I expected was this.



We opened a shop to the festival "OSHINO DEAD" of DEAD HEADS in Japan. OSHINO DEAD is a festival which deifies GRATEFUL DEAD and Jerry Garcia. A location is the foot in Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. We passed through a long, long trip like a road movie. The band performance cover of Grateful Dead. It is a small live event of few Dead Heads in Japan unfolded over three days. We attached handmade careers to the small car, carried camp goods, stacked two bicycles, and came here. I put the T-shirt of DOPE EYE on the market. The wife put the accessories of handmade crochet on the market. It became study although the result was not so good. It is better to have become cloudy since sunlight is strong although it was seldom fine. A vast forest and rich nature have spread in Asagiri Highland of the foot in here Mt. Fuji. There were few insects compared with Kyushu. There is no mosquito. It was raining and raining. Since the ground was muddy soon. I thought that I would like to see a band called MajesticCircus in which the member of Jamband called BIG FROG has participated. As for BIGFROG, I drew the poster of tour in the past. Majestic Circus performed my favorite song "Dancin' in the Streets" in the Grateful Dead; As long as I remembered, the band was not performs our favorite song "Ripple". However, since "Rippl" was sung by the nightly acoustic live by Old Dead Heads which lived in the next tent, we were glad. Oshino Dead have some restaurant and some miscellaneous goods store.


Topic: About Nuclear Power Generation

I approve the nuclear power generation
In Japan, radioactive contamination has been a problem in the accident of the nuclear power plant by tsunami. Many Japanese people are opposed to nuclear power generation. An entertainer and mass media are also opposed to nuclear power generation. Wind power generation and photovoltaics will be more attractive than surely making electricity using a dangerous nuclear fuel. However, can the electricity exceeding nuclear power generation be provided with photovoltaics or wind power generation? 4000 aerogenerators are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. 1,900,000 photovoltaics machines are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. It does not become a talk. It is your freedom that cries for an ideal. But, please consider that there are also people troubled if electricity is not supplied. And you who cry for an ideal will also be troubled. A power failure is frequently required if nuclear power generation stops. Many celebrities and artists are going to raise evaluation of them in opposition to nuclear power generation. Do you believe it? Can you cry for the contrary to nuclear power generation in front of those who are likely to die if electricity is lost? If nuclear power generation is stopped, production of all the factories will stop. A job will be lost if your father is working at the factory. The act to which you are opposed to nuclear power generation receives antipathy from many people. It is very dangerous. It is an ideal that nuclear power generation is lost. The no-war world is also an ideal. The world without starvation is also an ideal. A school without bullying is also an ideal. It is free that you cry for an ideal.


Order Flyer "VINYL PASSION 3"

This is order flyer of the poptoonstudio created newly. A theme is black parson plays groove. The image of a 7-inch vinyl board has been arranged in the center. The logo imaged from 1970's Rock as classical and bold. Font  arranged from Letter Head Font's Boston Truck Style. I processed the curl part of this Boston Truck Style. "WILD WAX presents" and "for Dope Musik Lover ..." The font of used Copperplate Gothic. This flyer made from yellow and black 2 colors.
The client left all the designs to me. I was able to do work smoothly. It will succeed, if you want to change a hairstyle, and all are left to the hair designer having good sense.

This party organizer say...
"To the all weekender!
These days, there are many people play DJ with PC or CD. Therefore, we would like to tell everybody the wonderfulness of Vinyl. This party is held irregularly. Various music can be listened to at all the parties. The No.1 guest fascinated with the black groove each time is invited and held. It is a summer special, the highest good music is prepared, and I am waiting for you to come this time. "

This party DJ play that...RARE GROOVE, FUNK, SOUL, DISCO, ROCK. R&B, SKA, REGGAE, LATIN, AFRO and etc. 25th August 2012 Saturday Night Open / Start 9PM. Entrance fee is 1,500yen including a drink. Place at Megahertz in Kokura, Kitakyusyu City Fukuoka Japan.


Photo: Yuda-Onsen Down Town Yamaguchi

We visited Yuda-Onsen of the Yamaguchi prefecture. Yuda-Onsen is a typical town of the Yamaguchi prefecture. The traditional hotel and souvenir shop which stand in a row in a street were impressive. The upper photograph is a lid of the manhole of the road in front of the no-frills hotel at which we stayed. Such a manhole art is often seen at the tourist resort in Japan. This seems to be the picture of river going down.


Photo: Neighbor June

June of Japan is the rainy season. I live in the southern part of rainy Japan. This photograph was taken at the neighboring seaside. It was windy on that day. I like the rain which flushes all. The southern part of Japan also has many insects. A spider and a centipede blame from wind and rain, and come into a house. Our house is the distance for about 5 minutes by a car to the sea. The name of the sea is the Sone fishing port. This sea can take a 180-ton oyster per year. The very large tidal flat spreads out. The upper photograph is a ditch behind the bank of the tidal flat. Although it does not understand whether it is fresh water and whether it is brackish water, there are likely to be various living things.