Today's Foto "Renew My Snakehead's Aquarium"

I did cleaning my fish tank yesterday. It was my work left for a long time. First, the present water is moved to a bucket together with a snakehead. If a snakehead is held so that eyes may be covered with an index finger and the thumb, it will not riot. Let's use, if there is a network. The old tank soil was the hard edge sand for hydroculture. Sand having hard edge damages for snakehead inside mouth, when a snakehead eats the food which fell to the bottom. I purchased soil like round 5-kg ground of 1300 yen. I washed all the parts in a fishtank on the veranda. This soil has the character which rounded the ground. If soil put into an empty tank and water is poured out, it will become muddy, so that it becomes uneasy about whether it becomes really clear. Don't throw away water here. If a filter is turned on and it will place for one day, it will become transparent completely. And I bound with thread Willow Moss who floated underwater and was being increased to driftwood. It seems that a seaweed is fixed to driftwood by this work. Cotton is used for thread. It is because cotton yarn melts into water later. It seems that it is pleasing soon although the snakehead which finished general cleaning and to which it made it move was puzzled at first. Soil was dug and room was made.