Topoic: SENSO the Traditional Chinese Medicine

With tradition China medicine, it leads to medical treatment by heightening own natural healing energy. Since the point different from Western medicine does not have a strong medicine, it is not accumulated in the inside of the body. Since medicine is not refined, he is kind to the body. A pregnant woman can also be taken. Since blood collecting etc. are not carried out to diagnosis, the body is not damaged. A fault does not have an instantaneous effect. An excessive ingredient is also taken in inside of the body. It is hard to be effective against viral illnesses, such as cold. It misdiagnoses rarely. It may be good to use Western medicine and tradition China medicine properly well. Since this is both medicine I consider, a mistake may occur.

SENSO (Bufonis Venenum) is the bodily secretion extracted from a toad. There is a strong heart action like Digitalis. There is an advantage with little quantity accumulated in the inside of the body like Digitalis. Medicinal action is the object for lasting positive strange laborious works, a blood-pressure downward action, a gastric-secretory-inhibition action, ventricular systole, extended reinforcement, a coronary vasodilating action, etc. to heart failure. Moreover, the antiinflammatory effect, the antiallergic action, the stake intravascular coagulation action, etc.

have been reported. And the ingredient similar to 5-MEO-DMT called Bufotenin is contained in the liquid which a toad secretes. Psychedelic will be able to be got if the method which you refine is known.

Today's Foto: The Mountain Trip"

We went to the usual hot spring from midnight. The typhoon was approaching Kyushu on that day. Therefore, it was raining heavily. It seems that many animals live in the mountain in Kyushu. I run a path through a wood by car, in order to go in the center in Kyushu. Then, some animals are certainly encountered. Hikosan located in the boundary in Fukuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture has many deer. We passed along a ravine called Yabakei on the way to Oguni in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is always wrapped in humidity and fog the night of Yabakei. We were running the path through a wood slowly, in order to look for an animal. Then, the big frog was discovered in the center of a road. It was a toad whose length is 20 cm. The body of the toad had a countless projection. I like a toad better than a bullfrog. A substance called SENSO is secreted from their body. A track runs this way fast. Therefore, I thought that it would get off a car and I would move a toad. Even if it pushed the toad at the point of shoes, it did not escape. When pushed several times, he walked slowly at last and it went to the side of the way. We left the spot. However, the toad was anxious...

The upper photograph was taken in the way back. The place is a village called Nakatsue. From a big bridge top. The mountain which clouds covered, and the river which became intense with rain. It is regrettable that the grandeur is not told from a photograph. I think this place is not added by human hand.


DOPE EYE "GARCIA" 5.0oz Crew Rib T-Shirts

I designed this T-shirt for this summer. The name of a product is "Garcia." The origin of a name and a logo is from a fishing tackle maker of Sweden called ABU GARCIA. This logo was used from 1950s for the 1960s by ABU GARCIA. An original logo design is little bit differed. I loving  ABU Ambassadeur  reel and collecting. And he likes the logo in which ABU of this Sweden had put a company called GARCIA on the U.S. market as the agency. GARCIA went bankrupt late in the 1970s and it was purchased by ABU. I think ABU reel is the most wonderful and beautiful in the world. And respect Grateful Dead's vocal Jerry Garcia which is my God. And I fused ABU and Jerry. Usually, resist mark has been arranged at the place put on the lightning bolt. Printed lavender color is from Jerry Garcia's tie-dye T-shirts color. Became navy color if print the green T-shirts. This design for Dead Heads also big bass angler!

T-shirts: 5.0oz (United Athle)
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DOPE EYE "Drop Acid not Bombs!!" T-shirts

This is brand new T-shirts design of DOPE EYE. This design having message "Drop Acid not Bombs!!". This message is hung up in the demonstration opposed to the Vietnam War by hippie. Photo from Woodstock music festival 1969. The hippie man Smoking pot with nudist girl.

T-shirts weight: 4.3oz
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T-shirts weight: 5.0oz (United Athle)
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This is only script draw by Dyumbo Hashweed.

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DOPE EYE "Drop Acid not Bombs!!"

The Vietnam War age when love and peace were cried for, and the young man that does not want to be conscripted ran away from home, and became a hippie. However, it does not escape fighting. In order to avoid the battle with Chinese people, Tibetans committed suicide by fire. Their message made Sekai's people think by performance called suicide by fire. China will be exposed to blame from people in the world. Probably, it will be easier than the direction to fight avoids a battle. The message which put anger to such the world is offered. It is never playing a trick.


Recently, the town rubble collapsed came to our town by earthquake and tsunami. It is because our mayor accepted it. Citizens are worried that radioactivity may have adhered to rubble. My friend caused the demonstration in order to prevent it. It was going to stand in front of the track loading with rubble, and was going to prevent carrying in. However, it was arrested by two persons. They were agitated by Facebook and the twitter. The agitator of the demonstration is speaking ill of the bad influence of rubble by the own blog. A friend does not know that a certain profits are concerned with the agitator of a demonstration. They were trifled with and used. If you are out of Japan, all Japan will consider being polluted with radioactivity by it. I will think that north will be polluted if you are in the south in Japan similarly. Although the atomic bomb dropped to Hiroshima destroyed Hiroshima completely, it was one city level. Even as for the atomic bomb developed in order to kill people, there was only only one  influence. This time, the nuclear power plant completely destroyed from tsunami flowed out few radioactivity. Mass media was cried for all over the world with the big speaker. Becoming nervous can be understood. however, it is the same as the housewife who thinks that the news of TV is seen, it resembles the whole neighborhood, and the murderous fiend lurks. It is dangerous to believe the information which flows from mass media, and the information which has fallen on the Internet of you as it is.


DOPE EYE & elgallo 2012 Summer Poster

I created Dope Eye & Elgallo's 2012 Summer Poster or Flyer today. Theme is American psychedelic. Photo is our cat "OMARI".