DOPE EYE "Lightning Bolt" Tee Shirts

This T-shirt design that this DOPE EYE released has confidence. Therefore, the price is also a little high. The cloth of T-shirt is 5.6 oz heavyweight. The brand named Print Star of Japan produced in China. I also wear it every day. This T-shirt is a very good fit. Because some shrinks if it washes, we will recommend its one size wally eyes. The size is prepared from 100cm for Kids to XXXL. The design does in the respect and covers GRATEFUL DEAD's Lightning Bolt. The lightning boldly printed in the reception desk appeals for a sense of existence. This Rock T-shirt is extremely one of dedicated for Jerry Garcia. The body and the print of various colors are prepared. Your favorite one is sure to be found. I am preparing T-shirt, a sweat, ladies' T-shirt, and a long sleeve of a print of various colors and various colors. However, I want to hear the demand if there is your item wanting it. For instance, I want raglan T-shirt of the middle sleeve in the print of the black. I will newly add the commodity if the body is in T-SHIRTS TRINITY that I have contracted. Please write the question and the demand in a comment here. If you live excluding Japan, and it wants my T-shirt, I will do Shipping by the sending method for which you hope. It is possible to buy it with T-SHIRTS TRINITY. The price is 3,800 yen. The color of other T-shirts can be seen by clicking "Read More". If this T-shirt is worn if you go to the outdoors festival in which JAM BAND gathers, you will acknowledge the superiority. Because the hippie feels the god in this mark. This work is dedicated to people who love organic and macrobiotics.

Please smoke some pot or psychedelics with fit my dope gear!!