Hobby: 1/32 1958 Mazda K360 Auto 3 Wheels

This photo is finished blow the gray surfacer #1200 to all parts of the plastic car model (ARII 1958 Mazda K360).

It separated from the runner with nippers and smoothed the cut end with the file. Having spent time in taking a parting line, since it was 1/32. It failed, although the air grill of left-hand side door back was carved by P cutter and deleted from the reverse side with the router. Therefore, the lower half of the air grill was filled up with putty. Since it is a plastic model since a schoolchild, my technology is not progressing. The last Suzuki fronte became such a shameful result that it cannot up in a blog. I am practicing by this model with bad small accuracy. It is the 3rd set of tries in this time.