Today's Foto "Limestone Trekking"

Today's post is a photograph in the karst tableland named Hiraodai of which I took a picture. Hiraodai is a limestone mountain located in Kokuraminami Ward in Kitakyushu City. A vast limestone cave has extended about the limestone that melts to rain under the soil. Because the controlled burning is done at this time, it becomes burnt ruins as shown in the photograph. To maintain the meadow, controlled burn of Japan is done. The tree grows also on the ground of limestone in the climate of Japan if there is a little soil. To obstruct it, controlled burn is done. And, the burnt grass becomes a fertilizer for the grass that grows as follows. However, I do not agree with the controlled burning because I like flow of nature. There are chiefly three limestone caves in Hiraodai. One in that has the limestone cave with a suitable length and difficulty for caving. To advance to the interior of the limestone cave, it is permitted by going the guide. Work suit, boots, headlight, helmet, glove, rope, food, kneepad, elbowpad, and the Divers watch are nessesary gear. Please imagine advancing 2km in the total length by the creeping advancement. It will become the travel of six hours. It is narrow and advances in a ruggedness hole. It walks on the edge of ground where the width of 10cm splits. I have not experienced yet. I want you to note the following if you visit this Nature Reserve. The plant is not gathered. Because there are a lot of scarce plants. It doesn't scribble on the limestone cave. Because time a great amount of though nature is restored is necessary.