The Horror Illustration by Handy Drawing

This is a cover art of the music CD with which I dealt in 2007. A client is my friend and is a drummer of a band called JERICHO BUNCH which loves music called Psychobilly supremely. I who have taken charge of the art of the first full album that is not compilation was honorable. This draft was drawn according to his image. It is not my way of thinking. I drew the near rough with the pencil first. Then, I inked with the pen used by comics.


Hanging Paper Air Freshener for Diner

This paper air freshener designed for my friend's diner free novelty to the guest. Lots of Japanese are paper air freshener hanging the room mirror in the car. My friend's diner supply bigger burger and American foods. Thant's why I draw like this illustration. He likes MOONEYES, surfin', Hotrod, American foods, American design, west coast culture, San Francisco music and my design.

I can make like this paper air freshener for car by $280 if you order 500 pcs.
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"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 2

Then, I am continuing restoration of National Randione. The parts of National Randione polished by the compound. THe brake levers, rear derailleur, front derailleur, stem, Side pull brakes. All components are made in Japan.


Bridgestone Eurasia Touring Restoration

Japanese company "Bridgestonen" famous for tire manufacture released "Eurasia" is a sport bicycle representing Japan. Eurasia was manufactured for about ten years after 1976. A frame is iron (although the quality of the material is stated as chromium molybdenum steel, it is not certain). I got the "Eurasia" touring frame made from 1981 or 1982 this time. It was status that we who were schoolchildren ride on the road bike of a drop handle those days. It began to be in fashion from the 19870s, and probably, the sport bicycle boom which reached the peak in the 1980s had profits, so that the tire company produced the bicycle. A sport bicycle called Bridgestonen "ROADMAN" in us the schoolchildren was yearning. For adults, the touring bicycle of this "Eurasia", Maruishi "Emperor" and Araya, or Miyata was famous at that time. I was charmed by the touring bicycle in an instant. Recently, I consider only the bicycle. The heart was taken from the masculinity in me by a motion and brightness of the machine parts.


Trees Hanging Rocks!! Amazing Mt.Hiko

We went to Mount Hiko located in the border between prefectures in Oita Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture.

"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 1

I am planning the bicycle trip with my wife. I purchased the road bike frame cheap for myself at Yahoo! Auctions. A wife is short. Therefore, I looked for the road bike for children whose tire size is 24 inches for my wife. I was able to find the good grade road bike by Yahoo! Auctions. It is a Japanese-made bicycle called National Randione. Japanese people's leg is short. Therefore, a sheet tube is short and there are many frames with a long top tube. This National Randione was knocked down to me for 5,250 yen. The shipping cost was about 5,000 yen.


Home Made The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I began to manufacture homemade extra virgin olive oil.
I put the olive fruit crushed last time into the net.
And the PET bottle cut in the half was made reverse like a photograph, and the crash olive was put in it.


Harvest: A Lots OLIVE from Our Garden

The olive tree is growing in our yard. But it did not fruit all the time. Last year, I cut the olive branch because jumped out on the road. And an olive began to attach many fruits after that. Is that because I cut the branch? Or it is not understood whether it is because it ripened. The olive tree attached many fruits this year also. We pruned the branch which attached the fruit. Then, the olive fruit quantity filled by the bucket has been harvested. It is very rare that an olive tree bears a fruit.
Our olive tree is no agrochemicals and organic agriculture.


Our baby coriander leaf is growing!

Our baby coriander leaf is growing! Coriander is necessary for Indian or Nepali curry. Very easy to grow this plant, bugs do not eat it. Because they have sooooo strong smell!!

This is Radish leaf but already ate by bugs...


The Mt. Nuki Trek with The Bike

We live in the foot in Mt. Nuki. Mt. Nuki is a high mountain representing Kokura-minami-ku. It is 712 m in altitude. The form of Mt. Nuki has the shape of a beautiful cone like Mt. Fuji. Mt. Nuki is connected with Hiraodai. Hiraodai is a karst plateau famous for Kitakyushu written by front post of this blog. To Hiraodai of the quality of a limestone, Mt. Nuki is quality of a granite and the origins completely differ. It is said that Mt. Nuki carried out sedimentary intrusion by volcanic activity, and the fossil of the sea medium maturing thing in the limestone of Hiraodai has dissolved by the heat conversion after the Hirao stand is generated. It is contrastive with Akiyoshidai of the Yamaguchi prefecture producing many fossils. The Edo period and this area were called Kiku. Since Japanese people liked Mt. Fuji, they called it Kiku Fuji. It was a big mistake. My leg cannot yet be moved by muscular pain.

There are two mountain-climbing courses. It is a course reached from Hiraodai, and a course reached from Nuki area. Before, I have reached from Hiraodai, in order to see sunrise on New Year's Day. Every day, Mt. Nuki can be seen from the window of our house. I regarded 712 m as low. I said to the wife, "A bicycle is shouldered and I reach it."

I filled the spare T-shirt, Fleece jacket, a legless chair, rainproof jacket, and a snack in the rucksack. My equipment is cotton mountain hat, cotton T-shirt, stretch pants of corduroy, cotton socks, polarized sunglass with a lens, and crocs sandals.


RYPPLE Jerry to the Galaxy T-shirts

This T-shirts design is inspired from Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead. Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) was an American Psychedelic Jam Band known as tender acoustic guitar and vocal for band the Grateful Dead. I designed this T-shirts to dedicated and respected for Jerry and his lifework.
He became a star of the galaxy...  And it dwelt in the heart of DEAD HEADS as God...
T-shirts: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color is Black printed on the Yellow, Sage Blue, Aqua Blue, Sand Khaki, Heather Grey, White and Natural T-shirts.
Size: Youth-XXXL
!!This print is special. It also changes print size according to the size of a T-shirt. It will arrive in the print size as it is which you look at!!
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Shopping Cart Customizing for ASTRO:LOUNGE

I customized ASTRO:LOUNGE Import and Designs web store. It is the Japanese rental shopping cart site. I edited some HTML code and CSS code. But still not complete yet. I introduce some customize CSS code in next post.


ASTRO:LOUNGE's Wooden Sign at Pasar Moon Festival

This is the signboard of ASTROLOUNGE made with the board of driftwood. This time, we opened a shop to the festival of an institution called PASAR MOON of Shimane Prefecture. I applied the paint to the board which became round with a white angle which flowed and reached. Since goods were the wife's handmade garments and miscellaneous goods, this signboard design was set to simple and natural SHABBY. The color of a lusterless background is very important. When there was much driftwood more, the signboard which becomes independent was able to be made. But, since it was lacking, it was hung by hemp cord on the tarp pole. It is written to the board of the bottom connected in Hemp cord as ASTROLOUNGE in katakana.



I introduce favorite BMX bike. This BMX is same model of Eliot rides in the Steven Spielberg's movie "E.T." use the Japanese BMX brand KUWAHARA. Eliot model was red and white color but this new model have 3(blue, red, black and gold) cool color. price is about 500 USD.


Flyer Design: GAOWN Dance Hall Reggae Party

I designed new party flyer. Title logo using "KANJI" the Japanese character from Chinese character. Crocodile illustration print the fluorescence orange like a silk screen print. It is because it printed on natural paper that a background is a natural color. The wave illustration in the mouth of an alligator is the handwriting by pen using Adobe Illustrator. the bubble dot also handwritten. This was quoted from the flyer currently used by the dance hall reggae of the 1990s.

Also I made English version, but client liked the Chinese character. The English version which seems to be lovely is introduced here. Though it was regrettable, the poster of A3 size which I proposed was dismissed on t problem of a client's budget.  This flyer only for postcard.

Special Guest: OSAMU SAGAWA

Osasmu Sagawa profile:
 Around 1975, existence of reggae is got to know with Bob Marley, and a big shock will be got. 1983, a Jamaica first voyage. It ages 1985 and experiences stay and much RUB-A-DUB dances several times to Jamaica. It writes by STRIVE MAGAZINE, RIDDIM, REGGAE MAGAZINE, BMR, etc. The book "new reggae book" is published. Record editorial-supervision "KING JAMMY'S REGGAE SUPER POWER" a suggestion, contract, and song selection.

Selector history:
BLACK HAWK >>> CLUB JAMAICA / TAXI HI-FI / X-STASY >>> independence. 

Song selection:
Jamaica music from 1950's to middle 1980's.

Costarring history:


Dope Eye T-shirts Collaborate with Vinyl Passion

This T-shirts is collaborate with party "Vinyl Passion".
Now on sale at T-SHIRTS TRINITY online shop.
These model fitting Charcoal base T-shirts.

T-shirts: United Athle 5.0oz
Size: Youth 100 - 160 / Girls S M L / Men's S M L XL XXL XXXL
Price: 2,600yen

Yellow Print to the Mat Purple, Charcoal, Cement and Sumi.

Pink print to the Charcoal, Cement and Dark Brown.

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Photo by WILD WAX


The body of especially vicious lusterless black. The cheap cross bike bought on-line. It was dressed up with the sticker of DOPEEYE. The frame of this bike is iron. The handle grip was changed into the lime green of the scull design. In Japan, the frame of the iron is called chromium molybdenum. But, chromium molybdenum unites iron and carbon and is raising hardness. If a bicycle is hard, it will not absorb a shock. If it becomes an accident, a frame will break.


Photo: Deep Blue and Bright Orange

Last day, we went swim and day camp in Yamaguchi beach. The evening glow of the day was able to be burned on deep blue and the shining orange....
It was most beautiful sunset in this summer I think.


"RYPPLE" The New Brand

We started the new garments brand inspired from Grateful Dead. The name is "RYPPLE" from our favorite song "ripple". 1972 and 1973 is our birth year. We also like from 1972 to 1973 live performance and poster art of the Grateful Dead. Already I make some logo and sticker design. I introduce one of them.


Photo: Hida mountains aka Northern Alps in Japan

This is an Abou peak which is a border between prefectures in Gifu Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. Altitude is 1790 m. The No. 158 line which escapes from between an Akandana mountain and Abou mountains. I wanted to see the Alps, Japan, after which it was yearning from already. Since I was poor at mountain climbing, I reached to the place which can go by car. The road in Nagano had poor pavement and its run was severe. I expected the beauty of the Alps. But, the Akandana mountain was a very big active volcano. It was the far devastated mountain that it is beautiful. The rock had exposed the surface of a mountain. Trees were felled by the landslide. Steam had blown and come out from the everywhere of a mountain. It seemed to be hell. We were surprised at the signboard written to be explosion cautions. Soon, it came to the Abou road of the charged tunnel. But, we climbed the Abou peak which is an old road. That is because I wanted to enjoy a mountain fully. The Abou peak had steep slope uphill and hairpin curve. The infernal scene disappeared gradually. The mountain range on which the snow which does not disappear in the distance was put could be seen. When the summit of the mountain of the peak was crossed and it went into Gifu Prefecture, scenes completely differed. It is this photograph. The scene of the Japan Alps which I expected was this.



We opened a shop to the festival "OSHINO DEAD" of DEAD HEADS in Japan. OSHINO DEAD is a festival which deifies GRATEFUL DEAD and Jerry Garcia. A location is the foot in Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. We passed through a long, long trip like a road movie. The band performance cover of Grateful Dead. It is a small live event of few Dead Heads in Japan unfolded over three days. We attached handmade careers to the small car, carried camp goods, stacked two bicycles, and came here. I put the T-shirt of DOPE EYE on the market. The wife put the accessories of handmade crochet on the market. It became study although the result was not so good. It is better to have become cloudy since sunlight is strong although it was seldom fine. A vast forest and rich nature have spread in Asagiri Highland of the foot in here Mt. Fuji. There were few insects compared with Kyushu. There is no mosquito. It was raining and raining. Since the ground was muddy soon. I thought that I would like to see a band called MajesticCircus in which the member of Jamband called BIG FROG has participated. As for BIGFROG, I drew the poster of tour in the past. Majestic Circus performed my favorite song "Dancin' in the Streets" in the Grateful Dead; As long as I remembered, the band was not performs our favorite song "Ripple". However, since "Rippl" was sung by the nightly acoustic live by Old Dead Heads which lived in the next tent, we were glad. Oshino Dead have some restaurant and some miscellaneous goods store.


Topic: About Nuclear Power Generation

I approve the nuclear power generation
In Japan, radioactive contamination has been a problem in the accident of the nuclear power plant by tsunami. Many Japanese people are opposed to nuclear power generation. An entertainer and mass media are also opposed to nuclear power generation. Wind power generation and photovoltaics will be more attractive than surely making electricity using a dangerous nuclear fuel. However, can the electricity exceeding nuclear power generation be provided with photovoltaics or wind power generation? 4000 aerogenerators are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. 1,900,000 photovoltaics machines are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. It does not become a talk. It is your freedom that cries for an ideal. But, please consider that there are also people troubled if electricity is not supplied. And you who cry for an ideal will also be troubled. A power failure is frequently required if nuclear power generation stops. Many celebrities and artists are going to raise evaluation of them in opposition to nuclear power generation. Do you believe it? Can you cry for the contrary to nuclear power generation in front of those who are likely to die if electricity is lost? If nuclear power generation is stopped, production of all the factories will stop. A job will be lost if your father is working at the factory. The act to which you are opposed to nuclear power generation receives antipathy from many people. It is very dangerous. It is an ideal that nuclear power generation is lost. The no-war world is also an ideal. The world without starvation is also an ideal. A school without bullying is also an ideal. It is free that you cry for an ideal.


Order Flyer "VINYL PASSION 3"

This is order flyer of the poptoonstudio created newly. A theme is black parson plays groove. The image of a 7-inch vinyl board has been arranged in the center. The logo imaged from 1970's Rock as classical and bold. Font  arranged from Letter Head Font's Boston Truck Style. I processed the curl part of this Boston Truck Style. "WILD WAX presents" and "for Dope Musik Lover ..." The font of used Copperplate Gothic. This flyer made from yellow and black 2 colors.
The client left all the designs to me. I was able to do work smoothly. It will succeed, if you want to change a hairstyle, and all are left to the hair designer having good sense.

This party organizer say...
"To the all weekender!
These days, there are many people play DJ with PC or CD. Therefore, we would like to tell everybody the wonderfulness of Vinyl. This party is held irregularly. Various music can be listened to at all the parties. The No.1 guest fascinated with the black groove each time is invited and held. It is a summer special, the highest good music is prepared, and I am waiting for you to come this time. "

This party DJ play that...RARE GROOVE, FUNK, SOUL, DISCO, ROCK. R&B, SKA, REGGAE, LATIN, AFRO and etc. 25th August 2012 Saturday Night Open / Start 9PM. Entrance fee is 1,500yen including a drink. Place at Megahertz in Kokura, Kitakyusyu City Fukuoka Japan.


Photo: Yuda-Onsen Down Town Yamaguchi

We visited Yuda-Onsen of the Yamaguchi prefecture. Yuda-Onsen is a typical town of the Yamaguchi prefecture. The traditional hotel and souvenir shop which stand in a row in a street were impressive. The upper photograph is a lid of the manhole of the road in front of the no-frills hotel at which we stayed. Such a manhole art is often seen at the tourist resort in Japan. This seems to be the picture of river going down.


Photo: Neighbor June

June of Japan is the rainy season. I live in the southern part of rainy Japan. This photograph was taken at the neighboring seaside. It was windy on that day. I like the rain which flushes all. The southern part of Japan also has many insects. A spider and a centipede blame from wind and rain, and come into a house. Our house is the distance for about 5 minutes by a car to the sea. The name of the sea is the Sone fishing port. This sea can take a 180-ton oyster per year. The very large tidal flat spreads out. The upper photograph is a ditch behind the bank of the tidal flat. Although it does not understand whether it is fresh water and whether it is brackish water, there are likely to be various living things.


Topoic: SENSO the Traditional Chinese Medicine

With tradition China medicine, it leads to medical treatment by heightening own natural healing energy. Since the point different from Western medicine does not have a strong medicine, it is not accumulated in the inside of the body. Since medicine is not refined, he is kind to the body. A pregnant woman can also be taken. Since blood collecting etc. are not carried out to diagnosis, the body is not damaged. A fault does not have an instantaneous effect. An excessive ingredient is also taken in inside of the body. It is hard to be effective against viral illnesses, such as cold. It misdiagnoses rarely. It may be good to use Western medicine and tradition China medicine properly well. Since this is both medicine I consider, a mistake may occur.

SENSO (Bufonis Venenum) is the bodily secretion extracted from a toad. There is a strong heart action like Digitalis. There is an advantage with little quantity accumulated in the inside of the body like Digitalis. Medicinal action is the object for lasting positive strange laborious works, a blood-pressure downward action, a gastric-secretory-inhibition action, ventricular systole, extended reinforcement, a coronary vasodilating action, etc. to heart failure. Moreover, the antiinflammatory effect, the antiallergic action, the stake intravascular coagulation action, etc.

have been reported. And the ingredient similar to 5-MEO-DMT called Bufotenin is contained in the liquid which a toad secretes. Psychedelic will be able to be got if the method which you refine is known.

Today's Foto: The Mountain Trip"

We went to the usual hot spring from midnight. The typhoon was approaching Kyushu on that day. Therefore, it was raining heavily. It seems that many animals live in the mountain in Kyushu. I run a path through a wood by car, in order to go in the center in Kyushu. Then, some animals are certainly encountered. Hikosan located in the boundary in Fukuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture has many deer. We passed along a ravine called Yabakei on the way to Oguni in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is always wrapped in humidity and fog the night of Yabakei. We were running the path through a wood slowly, in order to look for an animal. Then, the big frog was discovered in the center of a road. It was a toad whose length is 20 cm. The body of the toad had a countless projection. I like a toad better than a bullfrog. A substance called SENSO is secreted from their body. A track runs this way fast. Therefore, I thought that it would get off a car and I would move a toad. Even if it pushed the toad at the point of shoes, it did not escape. When pushed several times, he walked slowly at last and it went to the side of the way. We left the spot. However, the toad was anxious...

The upper photograph was taken in the way back. The place is a village called Nakatsue. From a big bridge top. The mountain which clouds covered, and the river which became intense with rain. It is regrettable that the grandeur is not told from a photograph. I think this place is not added by human hand.


DOPE EYE "GARCIA" 5.0oz Crew Rib T-Shirts

I designed this T-shirt for this summer. The name of a product is "Garcia." The origin of a name and a logo is from a fishing tackle maker of Sweden called ABU GARCIA. This logo was used from 1950s for the 1960s by ABU GARCIA. An original logo design is little bit differed. I loving  ABU Ambassadeur  reel and collecting. And he likes the logo in which ABU of this Sweden had put a company called GARCIA on the U.S. market as the agency. GARCIA went bankrupt late in the 1970s and it was purchased by ABU. I think ABU reel is the most wonderful and beautiful in the world. And respect Grateful Dead's vocal Jerry Garcia which is my God. And I fused ABU and Jerry. Usually, resist mark has been arranged at the place put on the lightning bolt. Printed lavender color is from Jerry Garcia's tie-dye T-shirts color. Became navy color if print the green T-shirts. This design for Dead Heads also big bass angler!

T-shirts: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color: White or Sage Blue or Pink or Natural
Size: Youth-XXXL
!!This print is special. It also changes print size according to the size of a T-shirt. It will arrive in the print size as it is which you look at!!
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DOPE EYE "Drop Acid not Bombs!!" T-shirts

This is brand new T-shirts design of DOPE EYE. This design having message "Drop Acid not Bombs!!". This message is hung up in the demonstration opposed to the Vietnam War by hippie. Photo from Woodstock music festival 1969. The hippie man Smoking pot with nudist girl.

T-shirts weight: 4.3oz
Color: White or Grey
Size: XS S M L XL

T-shirts weight: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color: White, Natural, Light Pink
Size: Youth - XXXL


This is only script draw by Dyumbo Hashweed.

T-shirts weight: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color: Heather Grey, Sand Khaki, Black, Cement
Size: Youth - XXXL

T-shirts weight: 4.3oz
Color: Oatmeal, Melange Red, Melange Green, Melange Blue
Size: XS S M L XL
Price: 3,400yen

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