DOPE EYE "Fishing & Outdoor High Equipment" Decal

I designed Decal of Dope Eye. Psychedelic various items demonstrate the power in the field of outdoor. This mark expresses eyes in the state that the pupil opens. In the open pupil, the light that reflects in the light of the sun and the pond of the evening shines on fish. An ardent drug believer doesn't mistake the usage. It is necessary to use psychedelic to unite naturally like the peyote used to pray of American Indian originally. Moreover, Ayahuasca include DMT that amazone shaman use for treatment and ceremony. Cannabis more than alcohle in India as holy ceremony of Hinduism. It is a ceremony to unite all with the god named natural and to harmonize, and the small enjoyment of the people who are affluent. I like bass fishing and fly fishing. Therefore, I want Bass Angler and fly fisherman's people to use this decal. In tomorrow's fishing, let's float the rowboat on the lake, and roll joint including high quality budz. Your dog and wife are waiting in the pavilioned lake side. Let's grill the chiffon cake and the pie with a Dutch oven making warm chai. It is invited to the smell and the animal in the forests come near. Let's get from nature and worship some bass and beautiful sunshine in the evening. Let's drip coffee that roast for myself, and eat bassb fillet steamed with the olive oil and white wine. Let's make the Indian curry made from the chicken, tomato, and onion for tomorrow morning.

Today's Foto "The Steak"

This photograph taken by the steak restaurant near our home. This restaurant name is Steak no Don. It is a cheap, delicious shop we found recently. When if you order beefsteak in Japan, it is very high. However, high quality beef cannot be expected like the United States in thickness. If you are a male, my recommendation is hamburger steak. Free bread/rice and free soup are included in the steak on the iron plate menu. Free rice/bread and free soup are contained in the main plate for 730 yen at the lunch time. The photo is mix grill at the dinner time. In the mix grill, hamburger steak, chicken steak, beefsteak, french fries, broccoli, and fried onion, etc. have gotten on the iron plate. Price is 1280 yen including free rice/bread and free soup. You can see other menu from here but Japanese. A left photo is dessert of chocolate ice cream. Price is 390yen.