Flyer Design: RIKI with Mutsumi Nishii Live at Cotton Dancer

A happy 420 for every world higher, stoner and the freaks!
This is my latest flyer design work for the Acoustic Live at my friend's bar Cotton Dancer also organize. It's all artworks written by freehand using Illustrator's pen. Therefore, this artwork became the result having the feature of a vector, and the feature of a free hand. I am pleased with it and am often using this technique that the analog united with digital one of this. The designer with this professional design of me whom the amateur made may be the work of a new category called "poor superior one". I printed again using RISOGRAPH. White ink was used for kraft for the first time this time. In the last Flyer, the photograph with the deep back has been transparent on the surface. It is because paper was thin. Since this kraft is somewhat thick, printing on the back is not transparent. RIKI is a Folk musician representing Fukuoka Prefecture in which we live, and he organized big Openair Festival "Rainbow2000 Aso". I have continued looking at his performance from ten years or more before. the hippies of Kyushu gather -- it is ecological and a natural-oriented event is their style. Music is a folk song, a lock, Roots Raggae, Dub Step, Ambient, etc.